Maintaining non-residential property

Understand the true cost of your buildings and maximise their value and use – get a Condition Survey

Maintenance of non-residential property is normally classified as planned or reactive.

Reactive maintenance might be described as a defect, and the appropriate solution may be the preparation of a brief specification by a Chartered Building Surveyor, and over-seeing the work to make sure that the life time cost of the element is minimised.

In order to have a programme of planned maintenance, you will need some sort of survey report of the building(s).  This might be called a Stock Condition survey, Condition survey, or Asset Condition survey.  Whatever you call it, the purpose might be to:

  • Prioritise resources for repair and maintenance
  • Budget for future repair and maintenance costs
  • Form the basis of an application for external or internal funding
  • Assess compliance with regulations or functional requirements
  • Understand the true cost of the property
  • Minimise the cost of maintenance by planning the use of internal resources
  • Ensure the meeting of minimum standards (e.g. decent homes).

The maintenance and repair of most non-residential property will need some form of planning.  How the buildings are inspected and reported on will be very much dependant on your needs.  The costs of carrying out Condition surveys needs to be balanced by the benefits obtained from the survey information.  Our reports can be tailored to suit your requirements.

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