Land registry plans

Protect your investment – Know your property

Land Registry states:

Customers tell us that preparing plans for registration purposes is not an easy task and we accept that it can sometimes be a tricky process, particularly when dealing with unregistered properties that have not changed hands for many years. However, deed plans are an essential element of buying and selling land.

It goes on to say:

As stated above, the pre-registration deeds and their plans could play a crucial part in resolving any future boundary issues or questions regarding the extent of the land in a registered title. Plans that fulfil the guidelines set out in Table 1 below will:

  • give buyers a clear understanding of what they have bought
  • provide a sound basis should problems arise at a future date
  • ensure applications lodged with Land Registry will be processed more efficiently and effectively
  • lead to Land Registry rejecting fewer applications.

It is vital that Land Registry staff can identify the location and accurate extent of the land in any search or deed inducing registration, and can do so in relation to the Ordnance Survey map. In most cases the best way to achieve this is to provide a plan showing the extent of the land together with any rights that go with it or to which it has been made subject. 

We will work closely with your legal adviser in the preparation of Land Registry Plans to make sure that your property is clearly defined.

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