Buying and selling property

Reduce your stress level – get a survey

Buying and selling property can be an emotional and stressful time, whether it’s a home or commercial premises.  Either way, try to look at the transaction from a logical perspective.

When buying a property you will need to arrange finance, decide a budget, get a legal adviser, view potential properties, make an offer, get the property surveyed, exchange contracts (when the purchase is legally binding), and finally complete on the purchase and move in (when the outstanding money is transferred).  From when the offer is accepted to moving in can take anything from one week to 4 months, with about 2 months being average.

When selling a property you will need to decide on a value to market the property at, choose an estate agent (not simply based on the one that gives the highest valuation!), allow viewings, get a legal adviser, exchange contracts and complete on the sale.

The longer the time period between an offer being accepted and exchange of contracts, the more likely the sale is to fall through.  So, don’t delay: get on with it!  Do everything in your power to allow the sale to proceed as quickly as possible.

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