The Party Wall etc Act 1996

Protect yourself and potentially save thousands of pounds

The Party Wall Act can add to the cost of your project and cause delays: surveyors might be instructed late, or act slowly, or the neighbour may act slowly in responding.  If dealt with tactfully and professionally, however, the Party Wall Act protects the parties and allows for reasonable building work to be carried out by a ‘building owner’, without causing unnecessary inconvenience to a neighbour (‘adjoining owner’).  For example, the demolition and rebuilding of a party wall, the cutting of flashing into a neighbour’s wall, and entry onto a neighbour’s land, are all covered by the Act.

The Party Wall Act applies in the following circumstances:

  • Building or carrying out work to a party (shared) wall;
  • Building or carrying out work to a party structure, for example a floor or wall in a flat;
  • Building or work to a garden wall astride the boundary line (Party Fence Wall);
  • Building a wall which is up to the line of the boundary;
  • Excavations within 3 metres to a greater depth than the ‘adjoining owners’ foundations;
  • Excavations within 6 metres to a greater depth when a line is drawn at a 45 degree angle from the bottom of your foundations.

These circumstances are more easily understood with the benefit of diagrams.  Click the link below for your Free Report.

An Introduction to the Party Wall etc Act 1996

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