Good communication and clear drawings are essential in driving the planning process

Some building work will require planning permission from the local authority, whilst other work will be ‘permitted development’.  If the work is ‘permitted development’ then you can just crack on with building regulations and obtaining quotations.  You must, however, make sure that your ‘permitted development’ rights have not been withdrawn, perhaps as part of the original permission, or as a condition of planning permission received for an extension.  The paperwork with your property, or your legal adviser should be able to tell you this.  Often, small residential extensions to the rear will be ‘permitted development’.

Assuming that the building work needs planning permission, then you will need a surveyor to prepare existing and proposed drawings, usually including floorplans, elevations, roof plan, site plan, location plan, and possibly other documents such as a design and access statement and flood risk assessment, along with the application form itself.  A fee will also be payable.  Either ask your surveyor or check the Local Authority website.

If your building is Listed then a separate Listed Building’s application will also be necessary.  It is important to liaise with the Conservation Officer at an early stage and get them on side to ease the process.

Fees for design up to this stage and for preparing and submitting the planning application will range from about £500 to perhaps £5000 depending on the size and complexity of the project.

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