A design that works for you

From the feasibility study or client brief, the design of the building, extension or alterations will be developed into a more detailed design in the form of CAD (computer aided design) drawings.  These drawings may consist of a Location Plan, Site Plan, Floor Plans, Roof Plan, Elevations, and Sections depending on the intended use of the drawings.

Drawings might be needed for a building contractor to work from, for a planning or Listed Building application, for a Building Regulations application, or simply as a record of the existing building.

Chartered Building Surveyors have the skills and training to develop a design that meets the client’s needs, satisfies the Local Authority Planning Department and also complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations.  Additionally, careful consideration will be given to such things as circulation space, ventilation, light, safety, being of a sympathetic design, and any other specific client requirements, whilst also making sure that the building does the basics like not falling down and keeping the rain out!

Building Contractors have many skills, but few have the necessary skills or qualifications to fully design a building project, and most prefer to work from drawings.

Chartered Architects are also qualified to design buildings.  In general, a Chartered Architect is more suited to designing unique, one-off buildings, whilst a Chartered Building Surveyor is more suited to designing buildings that are consistent with the vernacular or extensions and alterations that complement the existing structure.

The design will develop and become more detailed through planning, building regulations, tender, and construction.

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