Building insurance claims

Swift and complete resolution to your building insurance claims

When you make a claim on your building insurance policy you will be appointed a loss adjuster who acts for the insurance company to assess your claim.  Assuming that your claim is valid, you may need a surveyor to assess, specify and tender the works.  Often this will be done in-house, but you are entitled to use your own surveyor whose fees will be paid by the insurance company.

You will likely be better off appointing your own surveyor: you can make sure that they are local, that you get on with them, and that they have the necessary resources and expertise to deal with your case.  Insurance companies’ surveyors are often over-worked, cover a very large area and rely on contractors to specify work.

In order to make sure that any future claim is not invalidated you should make sure that your building is well maintained.  Otherwise the insurance company may have a valid reason not to pay out.  Click on the link below for advice on how to keep your buildings in good condition.

According to, the top five claims are:

  1. Accidental loss or damage
  2. Storm damage
  3. Malicious damage
  4. Water leaks due to freezing
  5. Flooding

We can help you with any of the above claims or any other building insurance claim, acting as Project Manager or Contract Administrator, making sure that the work is carried out to a satisfactory standard and that the matter is fully resolved before the case is closed.

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